Doing More with Your Time

Sold OutDo you find there never seems to be enough hours in the day?

You are not alone. During times of increased stress and pressure, such as the present market conditions, how we spend our time becomes even more crucial.  Too much effort on the wrong types of tasks can leave us feeling exhausted with little to show.  Whilst too little effort due to feeling overwhelmed or waiting until we have perfected the task in hand means that no real progress is made.

We all know about time management. Most of us will have read (several) books on the subject or even been on a workshop or two.  As leaders we are used to guiding and mentoring others in being more effective.  But like all skills they can be honed and improved.  The trick is to understand where the improvements can be made and what is holding you back and this master class is designed to do that.

What would you do with 12 extra days this year?

Would you make more sales? Delivery a few more services to your clients?  Or even book a holiday? Actually 12 days was the minimum amount of time our clients gained from doing the master class.  The average was an amazing 10% which equates to 22 days a year!

Doing More with Your Time is all about focusing on what you do best. This can be summarised as prioritising the tasks that have the biggest impact on your organisation, and minimising the impact of the distracting background noise in a way that suits your personality and working style.

Key Outcomes

  • Learn how to prioritise around what matters
  • Influence the future of your organisation
  • Learn how to achieve more with your time
  • Know what types of tasks your personality type should delegate
  • Combat the 3 key enemies of time management: procrastination, perfectionism, and feeling overwhelmed

Areas Covered

  • Personality Types
  • Linking the big vision to the day to day
  • Understand highly productive behaviour
  • 15 top tools to make the most of your time
  • Uncover the moral and motivation of yourself and those around you
  • Uncover the reasons why some tasks stifle your productivity and others don’t

Client Results & Comments

“I used the skills gained in the course to help make the team more productive and have definitely noticed everyone pulling together more and being more efficient. Learning about the Jung types was especially useful and they really enjoyed getting to grips with it and then applying it to suppliers and clients alike!” – S.G, MD, Business Support Services Organisation

Our clients typically see a minimum of 5% improvement in their own productivity. That is equivalent to 121 days of extra working time each year from taking a single day out of the office. Where attendees have passed the ideas and concepts on to their team the time savings are even greater.

1 based on 240 working days x 7.5 hours = 1,800 hours x 5% = 90 hours / 7.5 = 12 days.