CGA presenting 'The Art Of Banter' at the NLP Conference

Christina GriffithsChristina will be presenting ‘The Art of Banter’ at the upcoming NLP Conference in London on the 14th of November between 18:00 and 19:30 – we look forward to seeing you there!

Christina created The Art of Banter while completing her Master Practitioner qualification with Sue Knight and has since been back to deliver it twice for Sue at Alumni meetings in 2007 & 2008.

The Art of Banter is a unique and fun workshop that combines mind and body; and will have you on your feet moving around feeling energised, excited and playful.  It shows you  how to make serious points in a non-offensive and engaging manner. Bantering in this way will allow you to create quick rapport with strangers, build relationships, get repeat business, stand-up for yourself in a playful way, and generally get more fun out of life! The workshop is the result of 2 years research on some of the great international real time banterers such as Eddie Izzard and Billy Connolly and is huge fun for everyone who attends.

But don’t take our word for it….

“This workshop is a great example of a topic that contains the essence of excellence.   Christina has studied some of the greatest real time banterers in the world including Eddie Izzard. Come along and learn how to do this for yourself.” – Sue Spencer-Knight, Sue Knight Consulting

“A fun and exciting workshop! Combining mind and body; the movement an integral part, unlocking  the brain to banter! I left feeling energized, excited and playful!!!!!” – Annie Richardson, Quantum People

“We were up on our feet, moving around, laughing and bantering with each other. The energy in the room was super-charged and I was amazed at how quickly we all got into the swing of it.  If I had the chance to have another bantering session with Christina I would leap at it like a salmon” – Catherine Kerr, Business Improvement Facilitator, Prudential

“Christina has a natural and zesty way of engaging people  – helping release their inner exuberance and true potential” – RKR, Coaching for Creativity

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