Communicating problems virtually

Wherever we have clients or prospects there are bound to be issues to resolve and problems to solve. Doing this often requires communication between one or more departments, both internal and external to our organisation.

How we communicate an issue or a problem to another will determin the quality of the response we get back. There is a strong relationship between how we communicate an issue to another and the quality of their response to get the issue or problem resolved. Whether we are communicating via a CRM system or via email, clarity in describing what the key issues are, along with the action you want are key.

This document provides quick straightforward guidelines for cleaning up communication and keeping it focused on the task in hand.

These resource posts are topics I am covering with my clients as part of our work - but I hope you find them useful as well. They are mostly designed to be reminders or quick reference documents to help my clients remember and stay focused on their goals.

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Communicating problems virtually

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