I’ve had some lovely feedback – thanks Andrew!

“The Creative Industries Centre Trust Ltd have worked with time 4 change part of CGA Management on two occasions.  Initially in connection with some professional coaching for the Director (Andrew Clay) and secondly by the delivery of a key (new and unique) business  development programme (Creative Power Pods) for regional creatives.

On both these occasions the work of time 4 change has been exemplary.  At all times their work has been conscientious, well researched and professionally delivered.

Christina Griffiths (time 4 change) has been the lead officer  throughout this process and her ability to ‘get to know’ the client and understand their needs has been a key factor in achieving the principal aims and objectives.  The Power Pod programme, in particular, has demanded the ability to analyse and interpreted the multiple needs of a group of individuals but at the same time maintain a series of collective objectives.  time 4 change  also have an in-depth knowledge of the creative sector which has proven essential throughout their work at Woodend.

They have networked regularly with Woodend tenants and have put forward ideas for networking events and alternative ways of working.  time 4 change also provide that all important ‘bigger picture’ emphasis, crucial to companies and individuals working in a area which is geographically isolated.

Their knowledge of working practice in the UK and abroad is therefore extensive and they have been willing to share this.  They are also aware of wider markets and the implications there for creative professionals working in the Scarborough area.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies and organisations seeking the types of services they offer.”

Andrew Clay, Director, Woodend Creative Centre