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£1,500 for a Financial Health Check in Yorkshire

Financial health check – grant available of upto £1,500

The criteria for this is pretty simple.

  • Be an SME, including Social Enterprise SMES,
  • Based in Yorkshire and Humber
  • 5 or more employees; excluding owners and non executive directors
  • Must be adversely affected by the present economic climate;
  • Have been trading for more than 1 year and have a history of profitable trading until last year when the economic climate had an impact;
  • Be solvent and able to demonstrate a viable future;
  • Have a clear measurable goal which they need the health check to help them achieve;
  • Need to understand as a matter of urgency how best to focus their energies;
  • Be willing to share the content of the health check with Business Link;

The link to the application page is at the bottom of this page.

Or you can call Business Link Yorkshire direct on : 08456 048 048

Free Grants to grow your business in Yorkshire

Abundant Hands with MoneyLucky Yorkshire businesses with over 4 employees are being given up to £3000 to spend on growing their businesses.  How fab is that!   Especially since money from grants and funds are running out in the area.

The aim of the money is to help businesses who are solvent,  and are able to demonstrate a viable future to overcome specific challenges or increase skill sets.   Types of challenges could include: marketing, sales, people performance, leadership skills, strategic planning.

I think this is a good initiative from the government as growing businesses mean a growing economy.  So if you or somebody you know would like to make use of this money to stimulate growth in their organisation contact me ASAP.  These pots of money rarely hang around for long.

We’ve just found out about this fund as soon as it gets published somewhere on the internet I’ll share a direct link

Pay tax or give staff new skills?

This is something that keeps falling off our mental check list so we thought to mention it on our blog.

If your company pays tax then you can offset 100% off the cost of any training focused on developing your business against your taxable profits. Isn’t that a nice thought!

This popped up as we were working out a large staff development programme to run over the next few months with a new client.  It is costing our client around £19,000 – which after the various tax calculations will cancel out half of her tax bill for her business.

The result – she gets staff who are motivated, skilled and focused on improving her business and she pays half the tax this year!

The only loser in this is the tax man Continue reading…

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