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Every wondered how best to communicate information?

Do you ever find yourself wondering how to present your information in an interesting and engaging manner?  Or do you find yourself in stuck in a Bar Chart rut or think that Mind Maps are mind blowing? (If you don’t know what they are take a look at the element Mi) Then take a look at what the guys and girls at the Visual Literacy Organisation have created.   Not only do they give us a fantastic example of how complex information can be represented, they also give us a reminder of all the main methods of doing so in the form of a periodic table.

I love the element ‘Lm’, the learning map!  What do you think?

Art of Banter Framework

progressingothersWell I can’t believe its been two week’s since I delivered the Art of Banter at the national NLP Conference in London.    It was such fun to deliver the workshop and I’m delighted to be invited back to present the art of banter at the NLP Conference next year.  I will post more details as I find out the details.

As promised I’ve uploaded the Art of Banter Framework to support you in spreading the joy of banter to others.   I’ve already received some great emails from some of you telling me how your banter is raising your game.  Keep them coming I love hearing what you are up to!

If you attended and have questions then feel free to contact me through the website.  I love receiving feedback on what went well during the session and on ideas for improving it next time so don’t be shy! Share them in the comments.

Download the framework here.

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