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I came up with the idea for pods many years ago and I have been running them in various formats to build teams, improve performance and help groups of people come together and discover new ways of improving their performance.  They are based on many ideas including: Master Minds, Group Coaching and Master Classes.


I believe that artists and creative businesses can lead the transformation of regions and inject new ideas and beliefs into the communities they work with.  These Creative Pods are aimed at supporting and building a vibrant community that promotes the growth of artists and creative’s in their respective businesses and communities.

We are running the pods as a social enterprise project and we want the people involved in the pods to be involved in the development of the concept.  We have big plans that we want the Podees to get involved with and drive as we grow the idea.

Who is it for?

The Pods are for Talented Artists, Creative’s, Digital Media business owners and freelancers, wanting to raise their game in one of two ways

  • Business performance – sales, marketing, growing, hiring people, money issues – the practical side of running a business etc.
  • Personal performance – values, goals, limiting beliefs, confidence, communication skills, self esteem, personal power, self management etc.

How do they run?

Each Pod consists of seven people (the Podees) who commit to working together over a period of 6 months.

The meetings take place both physically and virtually (a conference call) allowing people to gain an understanding of each other and build real connections.  We also arrange social meetings where people from other Pods can meet each other – just to mix it up.

We organise each 6 month period into sessions:

  • Sessions 1 and 6 are face to face at a central location and last 3 hours.
  • Sessions 2, 3, 4, 5 are virtual sessions on a conference call and last 2 hours.
  • Social event – after 3 months and at the last session.

We also arrange an online forum where each Pod can have a private area to share thoughts in-between sessions, notes and progress toward goals.

The topics covered by each Pod are picked during the first session by the Podees from a list of 12 topics.

Each session is split into 3 sections:

  • Reviewing – what went well & worked, lessons learnt
  • Learning – exploring new knowledge, skills, beliefs or areas that are preventing growth.
  • Applying – how to make use of new skills and knowledge in the real world.

How Much?

Each Podee commits to a 6 month period which is paid for in 2 halves.

The fee level is determined by the turnover of the individual or company.

If your turnover is below £50,000 then the Pod fee is £55 +VAT per session or £330 +VAT for the entire 6 months.

If your turnover is above £50,000 then the Pod fee is £75 +VAT per session or £450 +VAT for the entire 6 months.

Become a pod pioneer and join for free

We know some of our Podees are very passionate about the Pods so we offer this simple concept.  If you help us form and run a Pod full of people you like – you join for free.

What we ask is:

  • You contact people you would like to have in a pod with you.
  • You tell them about the pod idea and why you like it so much.
  • Invite them to a meeting where we provide some refreshments and answer questions.
  • Help us organise each session and play an active role in the pod forum.

Support offered by us to build your pod

If you fancy being a pod pioneer we will help you write emails, provide info sheets and contact details to make sure you can get answers any time.

After a pod

Once a pod has finished we still invite all the Podees to any social events we are organizing and provide an online forum where people can mix and share ideas.  We hope people will take part in multiple pods with different people each time.

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