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FAB – Features, Advantages & Benefits

As sales people we can find ourselves becoming focused on the detail of what we do or what we offer our prospects or clients.  However, when we are in the buying seat actually we start to think about what the product or service will do for us.    These details are often connected to the function of the product or service and answer the questions around “how does it work”. These are known as features.

What these features do for the client or prospect are known as advantages and benefits are what the client gains from using your product or service. As a sales person our job is to primarily focus on what the product or service will do for our prospect or client rather than get lost in the detail of how it will do it.

  • FEATURE: A positive fact that sets your product/service apart from others’.
  • ADVANTAGE: A specific example that supports your fact.
  • BENEFIT: What your fact or example gains the prospect.

The PDF download below helps you work through some examples and will give you some ideas for developing FAB for your own products.

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Welcome to Monday Morning: Chunking

Question: How do you eat an elephant?

Answer:One bite at a time

Thought for the week

This joke has been around for a while, but still paints a very eloquent picture of how overwhelming a task can feel if we tackle it all in one bite.

Challenge for the week

So this week, perhaps take time to notice the tasks that you are avoiding, or feel that are overwhelming you. Ask yourself can this task be broken down into smaller bite sized bits?

Welcome to Monday Morning: Success

I don't know what the key to success is, but the key to failure is to try to please everyone

Bill Cosby

Thought for the week

It could be argued that a truly successful person is one who values what he/she achieves. In order to do that, one must set goals to please oneself!

Challenge for the week

How do you define success? What kind of success is truly important to you? What goals to do you need set to achieve your success?

Woodend Rolls out Unique Business Development Programme for Creative Professionals

Press Release

Creative Power Pods
Woodend Rolls out Unique Business and Professional Development Programme for Creative Professionals

Woodend Creative Workspace, in conjunction with time 4 change, have created and are delivering a unique nine month business and professional development programme for creative’s called Creative Power Pods. The programme has been devised specifically for creative professionals taking into account the unique needs and challenges they face establishing a successful business.   The ‘pods’ take place at Woodend Creative Workspace and have been designed to give a boost to creative entrepreneurs and their businesses by enabling them to overcome barriers to growth.  The programme has been jointly funded by the Train to Gain Enhancement Fund and a contribution from the participating individuals.

The programme comprises:

  • 9 months on-going support to help you grow.
  • Focus on the goals that matter most.
  • Short, medium and long term planning.
  • Group coaching to overcome live problems.
  • Learning transfer on relevant subjects to creative’s businesses and applied to real life situations.
  • Supportive group environment.

The pods are being delivered by Christina Griffiths who is the founder and managing director of time 4 change.  She is an international Organisational Psychologist and Business Performance Coach with over 15 years experience.   She has worked with organisations great and small, from IBM and Price Waterhouse Coopers through to a wide variety of highly talented smaller creative organisations such as Hub TV, and “David & Associates”.

Andrew Clay, Director of Woodend said

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to collaborate with time 4 change.  Christina and her team are highly professional and have brought to Woodend the very latest business support and development techniques.  In addition, we have assembled seven creative professionals from throughout North Yorkshire who are participating on the programme.  The Power Pods are very much what Woodend is all about and the programme is our contribution to the ongoing professional development of the creative sector in the region.”

Christina Griffiths said:

“I see the creative sector as being fundamental to the regeneration of the regional economy.  Our programme is especially focused on enhancing local creative talent to improve local economies by cross connecting the skills and experience of the people taking part. Over the last few months it’s been fantastic to see this group of talented individuals develop and grow as they have explored new concepts, discussed solutions and overcome challenges.   It’s a real pleasure collaborating with Andrew Clay, at Woodend, on this programme.  His support, enthusiasm and vision is an essential part of the project’s success. time 4 change is committed to providing innovative programmes to measurably improve performance of leaders and their organizations.”

Media Enquires: time 4 change, Andrew Copland 07970 267 882


Welcome to Monday Morning: Solitude

Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.

Pablo Picasso

Thought for the week

Solitude allows us to find our own answers, our own voice, and our own ideas. As the world around us gets more noisy and opportunities for finding time for self become more difficult, finding solitude can be a challenge.

Challenge for the week

How do you find solitude? Maybe it is finding somewhere peaceful for lunch, or maybe it means turning off the TV earlier than normal. In what small way can you find a little solitude this week?

Welcome to Monday Morning: Leadership

A leader is a dealer in hope

Napoleon Bonaparte

Thought for the week

Most of us are Leaders in one guise or another. As a leader it is our responsibility to give hope and inspiration to others.

Challenge for the week

In what small way can you inspire those around you?

Welcome to Monday Morning: Enjoying The Show

Time is a circus – always packing up and moving away

Ben Hecht

Thought for the week

The only way to ensure that you enjoyed the show is to spend your time on tasks and activities that are important to you and that take you closer to where you want to go.

Challenge for the week

Which tasks or activities do you enjoy? Which ones give you energy?

Welcome to Monday Morning: The Bigger Picture

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop

Mother Teresa

Thought for the week

Sometimes when we focus on our day-to-day activities we lose sight of what we are trying accomplish; or even how much we have achieved.

Challenge for the week

Take a little time to see the bigger picture, appreciate what you have already achieved.

Transactional Analysis Book List

Young & OldJust had an interesting email exchange with Jacquline Harris at Auric Results about practical books for clients wanting to use and apply Transactional Analysis at work by better understanding relationship dynamics.

Here are the top 7 recommended books:

  1. I’m OK You’re OK – by Thomas A. Harris – classic foundation text
  2. Staying OK – by Thomas A. Harris
  3. Games People Play – Eric Berne
  4. What Do You Say After You Say Hello – Eric Berne
  5. TA Today – Stewart and Joines – aimed more for students but clear and well written. Very practical.
  6. Born To Win: Transactional Analysis with Gestalt Experiments – by Muriel James and Dorothy Jongeward
  7. Games at Work: How to Recognise and Reduce Office Politics – by Mauricio Goldstein and Phil Read

I’ve had some lovely feedback – thanks Andrew!

“The Creative Industries Centre Trust Ltd have worked with time 4 change part of CGA Management on two occasions.  Initially in connection with some professional coaching for the Director (Andrew Clay) and secondly by the delivery of a key (new and unique) business  development programme (Creative Power Pods) for regional creatives.

On both these occasions the work of time 4 change has been exemplary.  At all times their work has been conscientious, well researched and professionally delivered.

Christina Griffiths (time 4 change) has been the lead officer  throughout this process and her ability to ‘get to know’ the client and understand their needs has been a key factor in achieving the principal aims and objectives.  The Power Pod programme, in particular, has demanded the ability to analyse and interpreted the multiple needs of a group of individuals but at the same time maintain a series of collective objectives.  time 4 change  also have an in-depth knowledge of the creative sector which has proven essential throughout their work at Woodend.

They have networked regularly with Woodend tenants and have put forward ideas for networking events and alternative ways of working.  time 4 change also provide that all important ‘bigger picture’ emphasis, crucial to companies and individuals working in a area which is geographically isolated.

Their knowledge of working practice in the UK and abroad is therefore extensive and they have been willing to share this.  They are also aware of wider markets and the implications there for creative professionals working in the Scarborough area.

We would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies and organisations seeking the types of services they offer.”

Andrew Clay, Director, Woodend Creative Centre

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