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Executive Coaching

“I feel dramatically different in a number of different areas of my life, other people have noticed at home and at work. You´ve made a real difference to me. Thank you.” – Business Director, Leading UK Media Agency

The Executive Excellence programme is a confidential, discrete, one to one, personal development programme. It gives you an opportunity to create a personal agenda to achieve even greater success in your life, career, and organisation. It has been designed to support, develop, and harness your juice so that you can unfold your innate excellence. Skills relating to leadership, business growth, communication, team building, career change, relationships or getting your self in order are provided on a just in time basis.

5 Reasons to use the Executive Excellence Programme

  • Create a clear tangible plan of action
  • Identify and dissolve barriers to change
  • Tap into your unseen potential and unfold your greatness
  • Keep you focused on your agenda
  • Give you just in time skills, and real insight on areas that will enable your development

Leadership Development

“I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and feel they have improved immensely both my professional and personal lives.  The suggestions were practical and realistic and I was able to use them immediately with positive results” – Michelle Swenson, Skywire EMEA

As a leader you will have something that you want to achieve. Maybe you’ve got a clear vision or maybe you’ve got a general intention, either way as a leader you have to find a way to harness the juice in others in a way that they want to take action and give the best of themselves.


Take a moment to imagine how these outcomes could benefit you. How would you feel? What would success sound like?

  • Speedy transition from manager to leader
  • Provide platform for leaders to build on their previous knowledge
  • Aid the process from thinking to being a leader
  • Raise the standard of leadership performance
  • Harness leadership qualities to successfully run a project or achieve goals
  • Inspire others to take action and produce excellent results
  • Development of short, medium and long term training plan
  • Establish a common sense of leadership within an organisation

Team Excellence – Do you need to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of your team?

Behind every great leader is a highly motivated and effective team. We can only wonder what would happen if the SAS entered a building to disarm an assassin only to find that they were not agreed on what course of action they should take or who should take it. The Team Excellence programme has been designed to help move a group of individuals through to being a high performance team who work together in alignment to achieve maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Outcomes from previous clients have included:

  • A united vision, and sustainable forever values
  • Outline of key objectives which work in alignment to the organisations’ vision and values
  • Identification of team roles, looking at the balance of strengths and challenges
  • Development of a plan to maximise internal communication and information flow
  • Defined feedback and performance measurement mechanism
  • Understanding how to get the best out of team members
  • Development of strategies for generating motivation

3 Flexible Formats to Meet Your Needs

  1. Overview – This is a one day workshop covering the mechanics of team building.
  2. Complete programme applied specfically to your needs – This is a 9 half day programme covering the theory and practice of team building and applying it to your unique situation.
  3. Pick and Mix – Ideal of teams who have some of the basics in place but want to take the next step.

Organisational Alignment – Getting Rid Of The Pips Without Squeezing The Juice

Getting a new organisation off the ground requires an enormous amount of vision, energy and dedication. In the early days the founder member(s) are more likely to have direct contact with employees, customers and partners allowing their enthusiasm to be contagious and the original energy or “juice” that got the whole thing started can easily be passed on.

As the company, division or department grows the ability to replicate the original idea becomes key the founder member(s) quite often need to take on a different, more distant role, and the process people need to move in to ensure the products or services can be delivered on larger scales more profitably. No problem there, except that there is a danger that the “juice” can be squeezed out in the process and what once motivated employees to go the extra mile or attracted customers to buy can be lost.



Vision and mission statements are actively lived out. Consumers and employees can see that an organisation´s intentions are genuine. In this increasingly ideologically and ethically conscious marketplace authenticity is key.

Empowered Employees

Alignment allows the adoption of unambiguous purpose, clear direction, well documented best practices, and appropriate reward systems. It eliminates the propensity to micro-manage and allows involvement by employees in critical decisions since they are held accountable for their actions through an aligned reward system. (Spreitzer & Mishra, 1999).


Drucker defined this as “doing things right”. The adoption of proven best practices installs a comprehensive set of tools and methods to enable uniform work processes that are consistent with its larger goals and provides a means for continuous improvement.


Drucker defined this as “doing the right things”. Alignment allows the workforce to minimise work that is not consistent with the larger goals of the organisation. Good feelings are created by being rewarded for achieving goals consistent with the bigger picture, the right things get done, and the organisation is as a result more effective at consistently achieving the goals it sets for itself.

The Art of Banter™ – Bantering, probably the most useful workshop in the world…

“Christina has a natural and zesty way of engaging people – helping release their inner exuberance and true potential” – RKR, Coaching for Creativity

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you want to build a connection with a person or group of people quickly? Do you wish that you were able to communicate with others in a way that lifts moral, stimulates communication or de-stresses a difficult atmosphere?

Top banterers are able to build rapport, delight in their role in life, communicate powerfully, and generally rule the universe. This workshop will allow you to learn the secrets of expert banterers such as Eddie Izzard and Billy Connolly. In fact, by the time you´ve finished you´ll be a bantering god or goddess with so many connections that you´ll have to move home and change your email address.*

The benefits of bantering are bountiful:

  • Create rapport with strangers, from different cultures and backgrounds within minutes
  • Make serious points in a non-offensive and engaging manner
  • Create atmospheres which are open, lively and interactive
  • Lose weight*, solve all* your problems and create world peace*

Who would benefit from the workshop?

  • Teams wanting to build better communication and get to know each other
  • Conferences, Seminars, or Corporate days who want to create a positive, lively atmosphere and need a lively activity to kick-start the day
  • Organisations or departments experiencing stress
  • Leaders needing to motivate staff
  • Sales consultants in negotiations
  • Presenters wanting to engage their audience

Don´t delay any longer. Call us now to claim your rightful place in the universe. To become a bantering god or goddess contact us!

* Your results may vary, and we really hope you do not have to change your email address.

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